The entrance to the city proper was sealed by the dwarves upon leaving and warded with strong protective magics. The refugees inhabit what was considered the foreign quarter of the old city, which is about the size of a village and is in a large cavern outside the city proper. It’s actually on one side of the cavern as there is a chasm that splits it down the center with a river of slow moving lava several hundred feet below. Space is tight for the ~800 remaining residents. On average, a person probably knows at least the name and some details to a varying degree about a third to half of the residents. All faces are familiar. These people live and work closely with one another and depend on each other for survival. There aren’t any impoverished areas. The entire population is impoverished. Bartering is a common form of trade. “Marks”, valued at 1 food ration, are the most common form of currency, although coins are starting to gain value again. As for social standing, everyone is approximately on equal ground. Nobility means little here and people aren’t afraid to let you know it. Everyone is required to do their fair share of the work and those that don’t or think they’re above it are quickly put in their place. People work, otherwise they don’t eat.

There are no formal ruling councils or grand political agendas. Lady Maravel was originally elected as ruler and she still retains the position. She’s a fair ruler and no one has seriously challenged her rule in the past 11 years. She openly states that she wishes her son would have chosen a more humble, safer profession, but is proud that he is unwavering in his dedication to his chosen path. Still, she’s glad that his Dragonborn protector stands at his side.

Most races have adjusted relatively well to the move underground, perhaps most surprisingly are the elves, the majority of whom are hunters, guards, or farmers. However, the few Eladrin here (around 20), apart from Erevan, feel very out of place and long to return to their breathtaking white cities in the feywild. They typically find jobs that will put food on the table without resorting to any kind of manual labor. The Eladrin tend to stick together.

It’s a difficult life for everyone. People work hard and drink harder.


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